Perimeter Protection (Beams)

Famous in action movies and TV shows where priced jewels and money are secured from thieves using red like laser beams, infrared perimeter beams are similar to this concept. Except they are invisible and protect the entire perimeter instead of just the prized treasure.

Moreover, they too can be used as a means of protection on your business premises and at home. So don’t be left in the dark. Jump on the gravy train and get the latest security technology to protect your business and home.

Mostly used as a means as outdoor protection, infrared beams can act as a primary source of security. They secure outdoor areas such as walls, parking areas, garages or gardens, the typical initial places where intruders gain entry.

Infrared beams will protect the front of the house of any business or home, while other security systems such as wireless security systems secure the inside of a company or home.

Unlike passive infrared detectors that work sensing the energy emitted by movement picked by the sensors, as soon as an intruder breaches these active infrared beams the alarm is activated.

With a high detection rate, perimeter infrared beam systems work in a way that uses beam lights to secure a set perimeter of up to 300m. The security systems operate according to a transmitter and a receiver.

The unit is installed opposite each other. The transmitter transmits an infrared beam to the receiver. The unite creates a line barrier that can be set off by any interference that touches it or tries to cross it.

Once triggered, the intervention sets the entire alarm system off, alerting AC Security, the homeowner and neighbours of possible danger.

Options range between two (twin) beans or four (quad beams):

The twin-beam set consists of a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter sends out three infrared rays, which the receiver then receives.

If your pet runs and “disconnects” one beam, while the other two beams are still transmitted, the unit will not set off the alarm system. Depending on the area chosen to secure off, the unit will set off the alarm once both beams register an interference.

The quad-beam unit consists of 4 transmitter/receiver units. Depending on the application, a security company mounts the units in such a way that any intervention has to be recorded by all four beams before the alarm goes off.

Quad beams can secure off a larger area than the twin beams. Unlike the twin beams, the quad beams have a lesser chance of false alarms as an animal or pet has to disrupt all four beams to sound the alarm.

Infrared beams can be placed on top of each other to create a vertical stack of protection or can be positioned parallel to each paired system to cover more space, securing off a larger perimeter horizontally.

Because infrared beams are included in amongst the top technological security systems at home and work, care has been put into the development of these systems to ensure their record of low false alarms.

So whether it is a dusty night with torrential rain or your pet runs past, the infrared beams will not be set off by extreme weather conditions, but only by interferences from thieves.

Perimeter infrared beams hold several advantages for both home and business:

Private Property

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install by AC Security
  • Detect intruders before they make their way into homes
  • Protect cars parks outside
  • Protect objects being thrown over the wall to harm pets

Business Premises

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install by AC Security
  • Protects equipment and stock from being moved out of the premises
  • Wireless, making it almost impossible to disarm by intruders

Infrared beams can be placed both inside and outside, but are mostly used outside as a means of keeping the intruder out of the premises before they gain any entry inside.

Active infrared beams protect your home and business premises. You can rest assured, knowing that your car, garden tools, pets and outside rooms are protected, keeping intruders out, and alerting you immediately if they make their way into secure locations.