Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are used by a majority of business and homeowners for the sake of avoiding unwanted intruders who will take away what you have worked hard for. Whether it be business equipment or your car parked in the garage of your home, get armed to avoid any intrusion and theft.

An alarm system compromises of an electric circuit that gets set off when triggered by sensors such as beams. Sensors which are installed by AC Security will be put in place to sense an intrusion when the alarm is activated.

Entry points such as the door or window are fitted with sensors or magnetic contacts that will sound an alarm and alert the security company once they have been opened or tampered with while the alarm is activated.

Sensors are also installed in open spaces such as the passage or dining room to provide extra protection if all else fails at the doors and windows.

So whether the alarm is meant for at home or at work, rest assured that the sensors and beams will be on high alert.

Sirens are fitted into the system to sound the alarm once an intrusion is censored. All of this is controlled by an alarm control panel which acts a central piece fitted with buttons that control each element which makes up the alarm system.

The systems AC Security offers range from a standard 8-zone system – which would be perfect for small domestic applications – to the 32-zone, for the slightly larger house or even small to medium business or factory. The 192-zone system is available for extreme commercial or industrial applications.

Brands we stock

  • IDS alarm systems
  • DSC alarm systems
  • Paradox alarm systems

Advantages for your business

When looking for an alarm system for your business, one must consider the following benefits:

  • Securing machinery and equipment
  • Protecting money stored on the premises
  • Some insurance plans cover more should you have insurance
  • Securing client information and confidential files on premises
  • A long-term investment for business
  • Surveillance keeps a 24-hour lookout on your business and can help catch suspicious individuals

Advantages for your home

When looking for an alarm system for your home, one must consider the following benefits:

  • Protecting your family at night
  • Safeguard your cars from being stolen at night
  • Keeping your property safe when you are away on holiday
  • Long-term investment to make for your appliances and equipment
  • Surveillance keeps a 24-hour lookout on your home and can help catch suspicious individuals

When it comes to keeping your private property and/or your business premises safe, then getting an alarm system is the wisest investment that you can immerse yourself in. An alarm system is designed for keeping your home and business safe from any intrusion or unwanted guests.

Getting an alarm system has never been more critical in crime filled country we live in. Do not delay on the safety of your home and business. Rather be late than never, and protect your belongings and loved ones.