May Newsletter | Autumn is here!

As we are currently in our autumn months with many beautiful season changes happening, we appreciate the most beautiful sunset and sunrises every day that makes us thankful and appreciate the small things in life.

As we are approaching the winter months please take care of your health and take vitamin supplements to keep your immune system healthy as we are still facing COVID-19.


In the spotlight: Donavan Opperman, Rudolph Thys and Deon Hess.

Donavan Opperman has been an employee of AC Security since 1992.  He started his career at AC Security 29 years ago in the control room.  A year later he was promoted to the technical department as a junior technician and then progressed to be one of our best senior technicians.  Donovan is also part of the team that installed many alarms in the Northern Cape (Sutherland, Calvinia, Williston, Carnarvon etc.)

His knowledge of the various alarm systems, beams, access control etc is excellent and he passes his knowledge onto all the junior technicians.

This is a picture of the following technicians: Deon Hess, Donavan Opperman & Rudolph Thys

These are the three oldest technicians at AC Security who started their career from 1992, 1993 and 1996.  Their knowledge of the various alarms systems, beams, access control systems and Turbo cameras are excellent and their workmanship of installations is one of the best in the world.  All three of them have been trained through Mr. Albert Kilian (CFO) back in the day when Mr. Kilian still installed alarm systems himself.

AC Security is very proud of them to have them part of our family.


The Sales Team of AC Security supported the Round Table Golf day 26 March 2021. We had a chicken sosatie barbecue for the golf players and the golf players could a enjoy a cold drink at our AC Security Stall.


AC Security launched a new service for our customer in the Industrial Area of Worcester.  This service started the 1 February 2021 where the Industrial Area has a dedicated patrol vehicle available.

If there is any questions regarding the patrol vehicle service feel free to contact our office.