Business break-ins are increasing

As we approaching Easter weekend AC Security want to wish each client a safe journey to their holiday destination. Please make sure you keep to all important safety measures at home when going away on holiday or just leaving your house empty.

Business break-ins are increasing the past few months. 

Break-ins that happen at businesses are often sophisticated and well planned. Some of the reported break-ins took place without setting of sensors, which can be due of crawling on the floor, being behind a desk or cupboard etc. then a normal infrared sensors won’t be triggered. Alarm and beam systems are more technology advanced now than 10 years ago. It would be beneficial for business owners to upgrade their outdated alarm systems so that their security can be more efficient especially for these carefully planned break-ins.

AC Security invites all business owners to call our office at 023 342 7050 to talk to a Sales Consultant for advice or schedule an appointment for a free assessment of your current security. AC Security can then give you the best advice and solution to keep your business protected.

Technician Ralph du Plessis is a senior technician who has been working for AC Security for 7 years already. He is very passionate about his work and always willing to walk the extra mile for any client of AC Security. His knowledge about alarm systems, turbo cameras and electric fence are excellent. 

Technician Gershwin Presence is a junior technician who working 4 years for AC Security. He is quick learner and learnt a lot from his seniors regarding of alarm systems, cameras and electric fence. He is great team player and we at AC Security is proud to have him part of the family.

We at AC Security is proud to have them part of the AC Security Family.